The Bucketlist

Things I’ve been fortunate enough to accomplish from the ever-growing, ever-evolving bucketlist!

Party at Tomorrowland
– Visit the Blue Cave
– Swim by the Krka waterfalls
– Experience Pacha in Ibiza
– Eat an egg tart in Portugal
Watch the Ashes in England (partially completed)
– Learn the drums (in progress)
– See a giant panda
– Witness the Northern Lights
– Send a letter from Santa’s post office
– Be a student in Paris
– Go on a road trip through Scotland
– Snowboard in the French Alps
– Attend Easter Sunday mass in the Vatican City
– Hike a glacier
– Hang out in the French Riviera
– Catch a show on Broadway and visit Wall Street
– See Neuschwanstein Castle
– Go to another country for a gig
– Wine tastings in the French countryside