About Me


Hi and welcome to my blog!

Here lie the stories of a 20-something year old Sydney girl who once watched ‘The Secret Life of Walter Mitty’, had a divine moment of motivation to get off her ass and left her everyday life/stable job/comfort zone to explore what lay beyond the sunny shores of Australia …

This page started 2 years ago, and has become a memoir of my travels and adventures ever since that momentous, life-changing, somewhat crazy, spur of the moment decision.

So who am I? Once upon a time, my executive summary was that I was “just an accountant”. However, since setting out, I’ve been busy discovering, appreciating and roaming my way around this vast, yet sometimes small, world – and now I’m slowly learning to no longer define myself by my day job. What the new tagline will be, I’m not really too sure! But for the time being, a Petite Abroad seems appropriate (yes, I’m vertically challenged :P).


Liann Thao


7 thoughts on “About Me

  1. Hello 👋🏻 !
    Your blog is truly inspiring 😊
    I’m from Brisbane and moving to London the end of this month. I wanted to ask how long it took for you to find a job and sort out the admin side of things? Was it difficult to find accommodation there?

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    1. Hi! Oh that is fantastic to hear, good on you 😊 the move can feeling challenging at times but it is completely worth it! It took a month to get a job and almost a month to find a flat. The rest of the admin took about 1-2 months I think (NI number, bank accounts with HSBC, registering with a GP, getting a limited liability company set up since I was contracting).

      I crashed on friend’s couches for the first 3 weeks while I flathunted. The process can be a bit tiresome so maybe just be prepared to devote a lot of time to inspect apartments! The market moved pretty fast 2 years ago when I was there, not aure if it is still like that now.

      Oh and I don’t know what industry you work in but background checks in banking are real thorough. So from my experience, it really helped to have all my background check docs all scanned and available electronically before I left Australia 🙂

      Any questions, don’t hesitate to ask! Good luck 😁


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