The hills are alive in Salzburg and Hallstatt

Happy St Patrick’s Day, from Dublin! I am totally on a roll with the blogging – 4 posts in 1 week 😄 But yet, I’m still as much behind as I was 1 month ago… Must .. Persevere ..

Last November, in the exciting lead up to another European Christmas, I took a quick trip to Austria. Like literally, 24 hours (Ryanair had £50 return tickets lol). Short as it was, at least I won’t have toooo much to write!

So what can one do in 24 hours – from our experience, you can arrive in Mozart’s birthplace of Salzburg, get the short cab into town, successfully just make it to and from the little mountainside town of Hallstatt (by bus, then train, then ferry/dingy, all up taking about 2.5 hours each way), hit up some Christmas markets back in Salzburg, eat delicious hot dogs and drink plenty of gluhwein!

Waiting to cross over the lake to Hallstatt
Not the clearest day but still so pretty!


Swan lake


Bye Hallstatt!

Home of The Sound of Music, a visit to Salzburg is essential for any lover of the film (I’ve watched it at least once a year since 6 years old). Though we didn’t have time for the tour, a bus ride to Hallstatt enabled us to pass by some of the film locations – just pick up a pamphlet so that you know what you’re looking at!

Mirabell Gardens – where Do Re Mi was sung (not in winter!)

However, aside from The Sound of Music, I thoroughly enjoyed the Christmas markets that Salzburg had to offer – one of the best I’ve probably visited! This is probably why the mulled wine induced hangover on Sunday morning was so rough..

Christmas markets
Lost count of all the gluhweins we sampled that night
Bauble stores

Anyway, I think I’m done here (wow). Obviously Salzburg has much more to offer, but if you’re ever there for 24 hours at Christmas time, don’t underestimate what you can achieve in this wonderful little place!


2 thoughts on “The hills are alive in Salzburg and Hallstatt

  1. Fantastic post! I’m going to Hallstatt myself in Aug and just wanted to ask you if a day trip from Salzburg was enough to explore Hallstatt? xo


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