I want to be a part of it, New York New York! 

A week ago, I finished up my contract in London and have embarked on a period of funemployment as I prepare to permanently return to Australia in April (sad face). One thing I vowed to do once funemployed was to write like no tomorrow to get this page up to date, but alas, life has not slowed down. But now I’m finally focused – though it’s taken some drastic measures to achieve this. In fact, to set the scene, I am currently in a tent somewhere in the Jordanian Wadi Rum desert, with no access to Internet and electricity. More on that later (if I ever manage to catch up 😂).

As the subject suggests, New York is the agenda tonight. Mentions of the States these days usually tend to evoke some pretty loaded discussions. But in this 3rd and final post on my short time in the Big Apple, I wanted to jot down some little experiences I had as a tourist (the ones I’ve not mentioned previously at least!) to serve as a personal reminder of how much I loved America while I was there.

On a beautiful sunny day, we walked the Brooklyn Bridge, with the stripes and stars flying overhead, yellow  cabs zooming across and people from all over the world appreciating the views of the Hudson

On a rainy afternoon, we wandered the New York Public Library (and all I could think about was the scene in Sex and the City of Carrie and Big’s non-wedding)

How’s this as a place for study? 
The Rockefeller Centre is an amazing place for views of the Manhattan Skyline – Definitely book ahead for a sunset view. When we arrived, we somehow received VIP service up to the top of the rock at Rockefeller Centre and got to bypass all queues, and managed to take in a spectacular sunset overlooking the Empire State Building, the mass of surrounding skyscrapers and the Statue of Liberty in the distance, as well as Central park from the other side!


Concrete Jungle where dreams are made of
 Nothing more surreal than passing by the studios of my favourite late night shows, knowing the hosts who I adore were just inside (actually, what would be even better is if we got tickets for a show)

Before the theatre, we took a stroll through Central Park with our fruit shakes, enjoying the music and people/animal watching.

We also took a walk around the World Trade Centre at night, an eerie time of day but an especially sobering moment to remember victims of 9/11

On more than 1 occasion, we got hopelessly lost on the subway (even if it’s just downtown or uptown, I can’t fathom why it felt so hard sometimes 😭)

Grand Central
During my last few hours in NYC after Abi left, I visited the “Worlds Best Bar”, The Dead Rabbit. Over some interesting whiskies, I got chatting to a businessman who was the first in the family to ever leave Rhode Island to pursue his big city dream in the Big Apple, which was pretty inspiring!

There were plenty of swanky drinks in swanky places, where we were feeling like we were in the scene of a movie. At one place, the cocktail bar staff personally took us to their local after-work haunt afterwards!

Catching up with the HK ladies over cocktails in Morimoto! 
And time in NYC isn’t complete without soaking in the bright lights of Times Square. Snapped here with one of the first new friends I ever made when I first arrived alone and apprehensive in Hong Kong, my west coast gal Abigail!

Spotted in NYC

How one place could have it all was a wonder to me. But to see is to believe and New York, in the short time we had together, showed me that it could be many things to many a people, of all different interests, backgrounds and aspirations. Now I completely understand why Frank Sinatra and countless others are so keen to be a part of it!


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