Moments in Paris

Facebook has a lovely feature reminding you where you were on a given day in years past – also a stellar way of subtly confronting you with how much you’ve aged and how much weight you’ve gained! When I first started drafting this post (pre-Christmas lol) I had woken up with a notification that that particular day last year, I was painting storefronts in Paris with my art school.


Circling back to Paris, it was a pretty surreal experience spending time there studying drawing and a bit of painting – especially since it’s quite a departure from my normal life working in an investment bank! Probably because of this experience, Paris remains one of my favourite cities and somewhere I continue to travel to on a semi regular-ish basis. So a week after returning from Madrid, I felt it was due time to pay the city of lights another visit.

Living in London means that one can simply get the train from Kings Cross to Paris in only 2 hours – the time it sometimes takes to drive into Sydney CBD in peak hour! I arrived at Gare du Nord on Saturday morning and headed out to Bel-Air, where I was to stay with my old neighbour back when I lived in a little Parisian studio. Even after moving away, everything felt really familiar and I quickly sunk back into autopilot mode, except for the sad fact that my French was now a lot more rusty than it was last year 😦

Being such a photogenic city with so much to do, I thought it would be nice to share some snaps that I never uploaded during my time staying in Paris, as well as from the subsequent weekend trips ive taken since moving to London. Sure, it does get a bad rap sometimes, but flaws aside, Paris is in my opinion, one of the most interesting, amazing cultural centres in the world (which is why I continue to rave on about it like a mad man)! But if you’re not quite convinced of how incredible this place is, here’s a few reasons to love the city of love:

Amazing cityscape views

A snap from my all time favourite viewpoint of Paris (though there are quite a few to pick from) – taken from the towers of the Notre Dame


The climb is a bit long and quite claustraphobic, but definitely worth the effort
Enroute to my local art supply store at Nation

History all around you, and even underneath you: 

The miles of tunnels underneath central Paris


The Catacombs
A section of La Petite Ceinture – the abandoned railway that still remains in Paris today


The delectables! 


Another treat from my favourite patisserie – Sadaharu Aoki


Macarons and bubbles

The Architecture

The Notre Dame, inside and out, and the Musee d’Orsay 

The shopping

Picking up shoes that I don’t need, down in St Germain Des Pres

The art

The Winged Victory of Samothrace (from circa 200 BC) – decidedly my favourite piece of art from the moment I laid eyes on it
Thought this lady looked kinda familiar (Tip – go during the off peak season when the Louvre does late night openings if you wanna avoid the crowds and selfie sticks!)

And the most wonderful reason of all, the joie de vivre! 

Sunday strolls around the city
Making friends with people from all over the world who come to study and work in Paris!


Effortless chic
The French factor

5 thoughts on “Moments in Paris

  1. I enjoyed reading through your post and looking at your pictures. I envy you for going up the Notre Dame towers for the views. I am not good with tight and dark spaces or nights, so…

    I wrote about Paris as well in case you want to have a look. You will find it under “destinations”.

    I always find it interesting to see how others “see” the same destination.
    Thanks for posting.


    1. Thank you! I adore the photos you captured, particularly the inside of the Notre Dame (so difficult to get that perfect shot!) and the people lounging about the Jardin du Luxembourg – it really is a great atmosphere there on a nice day 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Thank you.
        It was actually quite difficult to get this shot. It was a rainy day and there were thousands of people in Notre Dame that day. I have never ever seen it this packed. I waited my turn but I am pleased how it turned out.
        Thank you for your nice compliment.


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