Hello and Happy 2017! ūüėÄ

I’ve come to realise it’s been awhile since I’ve last posted – whilst this blog has not been too far from my mind, the chaos of travel, work, a bout of the winter vomitting bug (yuck) and the Christmas silly season have been completely consuming these past few weeks/months. Irregardless, I am back with a vengeance (albeit totally backlogged) and will be making a conscious effort to get up to date with all the cool things I’ve been fortunate enough to see and do!

Since the last recount of Madrid, there’ve been a couple of places I have visited, which I will imminently get around to sharing:

  • Paris
  • New York
  • Munich
  • Dover
  • Salzburg
  • Bordeaux
  • Bath
  • Edinburgh

But for now, here are some happy snaps from the WONDERFUL Christmas I spent with my (rapidly expanding) family in Essen, Germany and my family away from home in London.

Christmas day at the Hoang’s

Fun times with our first ever Christmas tree!

Ice skating at Somerset House in London

Friday nights wining, dining and dancing away to old pop ballads in a Scandinavian pop up cave (Standard Shoreditch) 

Christmas dinner with flatmates past and present
Sadly, Christmas 2016 will be the last that I’ll be spending for now in the Northern hemisphere as I prepare for my upcoming move back to Australia in a few months time – how time flies!! Bearing that in mind, I’ll be trying my best to make the most of whatever time is left. So keep an eye on this space!





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