Finding hygge in Copenhagen

In the past few months, it has come to fruition that I have a problem. 

I used to be a compulsive shoe shopper in a former life – but now I’ve developed a potentially more expensive habit; buying flights whenever I’m feeling down or stressed. On a particularly bad day last week, i bought 3!

Which is how I ended up on a spur of the moment trip to Copenhagen last weekend.

The little country of Denmark is officially the happiest place in the world – sorry Disneyland (For reference, Australia ranks in at 9th). And its status as the happiest country on earth is highly apparent. There is a general sense of niceness – everything feels clean, safe and functional, everyone rides bikes, the people are extremely courteous and friendly (and GORGEOUS) and Getting around is so incredibly easy. And in Denmark, they actually have a special word that encapsulates all that is pleasant about this place! As summarised by the Visit Denmark website:

“Hygge is as Danish as pork roast and it goes far in illuminating the Danish soul. In essence, hygge means creating a warm atmosphere and enjoying the good things in life with good people. The warm glow of candlelight is hygge. Friends and family – that’s hygge too. There’s nothing more hygge than sitting round a table, discussing the big and small things in life.”

In layman’s terms – the Danes live and breathe good vibes!

I stayed with a young couple from Vancouver who had moved over to Copenhagen, who gave me a bit more insight into life in Copenhagen. Namely, the working hours are wonderful! 10am-4pm 😱

And to add to all the greatness about this place, it is the home of our own Aussie royalty, Princess Mary (the everyday Aussie gal who actually met a Prince at a bar and got married, giving hope to girls everywhere of the real existence of fairytale romance). I really don’t need any more reasons to love Denmark. 

I was too tired from a crazy, hectic  week in London to do a walking tour, so I chilled out and embraced the hygge. Apart from vintage shopping around the hipster area of Norrebro, eating too many hot dogs and cinnamon rolls and hitching a ride on the 5A bus (great for seeing the main points of the city if you’re new to CPH), here’s some other stuff I got up to on my quick trip:

Explored the star fortress, Kastellet 

The church and windmill

Warning – this island and its surrounds are multi-tiered. i spent an embarassingly long amount of time going from Point A, to accidentally ending up above or below Point B.
Visited the Little Mermaid statue – as grand as the Mona Lisa is big (I.e not very)



Strolled through some pretty pristine gardens   
 Visited Mary’s pad, the royal palace Amalienborg


the Marble Church
And it was at this point that I noticed the sky starting to turn from a flat grey to this…


oh how i ran, to get back to Nyhavn to capture this gorgeous sunset!
After a scenic Saturday, I took advantage of the great weather on Sunday to hang out at the Amager Strandpark beach – yes there are beaches in Copenhagen (I went to a man-made beach but who cares!!) 


a sweet 20mins from the airport, ensuring maximum tan time
not your typical beach view
After all this, I left Copenhagen with a strong sense of revitalisation and contentment –  and now, this is one more city to add to the list of places I’d love to live in! 

Anyway, time to wrap this up. I’ve got an Icelandic volcano to go hike! More on that later 😉


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