It’s taken me 7 months to finally post something about my trip to Zurich last December and the reason is pretty lame – each time I’d make an attempt, I’d get stuck trying to come up with some witty, smart title for the post. Zest of Zurich? Swiss Roll? The ideas were really going nowhere, but I’m now writing this on a super long flight from SYD-LDN with a lot of time on my hands, so let’s just get on with it!

I visited this beautiful city for 3 days last year between Christmas in Germany and New Year’s Eve in the UK. But like many beautiful things in this world, it did not come cheap. Whilst the UK was initially painful due to the GBP/AUD conversion, Zurich felt like a kick in the guts in CHF alone… Later escalating into a ruptured appendix when I saw the AUD equivalent on my bank statement. For context – a plate of pad Thai and a soft drink in a takeaway shop wound up in excess of AUD 40 😬 in fact, I was told by a taxi driver that some thrifty Swiss living near the border do their groceries in Germany due to the high cost of living in Switzerland! Though if you’re ever in Zurich and want some cheap takeaway, might I recommend this really simple Indian eatery – food was flavoursome, portions were massive and the owners definitely have character!! Aside from being super chatty, and enthusiastically introducing us to Cobra beer (which is actually English lol), a stack of business cards were thrust into my hand as we left, which I feel inclined to share with you in case you’re ever in Zurich needing a wholesome meal that won’t burn a hole through your wallet:


They really are a friendly bunch!
But let’s focus back on the positives, of which you won’t be hard pressed to find.

The landscape that I saw of wintery Switzerland whilst on the bus from Essen-Zurich  was HELLA picturesque. Quiant cabins, surrounded by mystical fog and snow capped mountains – it was all truly a sight to behold. And when I eventually got outta the bus in Zurich, it was literally a breathe of fresh air. I tell you, the air is stuff you’d wanna bottle up and breathe in when real life gets too much. No wonder Roger Federer is such a calm guy.


The beautiful Lake Zurich , where i thought even the water smelt fresher than fresh!
A particularly picture-perfect moment I won’t ever forget was flying from Zurich to London, over the snowy peaks of the Swiss Alps. If ever you get a chance to fly over the Alps, book a window seat and take some photos. .. And then please send them to me, coz I was too mesmerised to take any myself 😫

Another unforgettable moment was going to the cinemas to watch the new Star Wars film. Why? Aside from the fact that the movie was awesome, there was a 10 minute ad break/intermission in the middle of it!! Are we doing cinematic experiences wrong in Australia or is this a Swiss thing?! As we left the cinema afterwards, the streets were so cold and quiet and the mist so heavy that it all felt like a scene out of Bladerunner. 

Aside from hanging out at the movies and around Lake Zurich, we also caught a train out to the Rhine Falls, one hell of a strong raging waterfall by the Swiss/German border. But due to the lingering mist, visability was a little difficult. Still definitely worth a trip out and would probably be incredible when the weather is warmer (at least warmer than 4 degrees).


Bone crushingly rapid
Overall, it was a fairly short stay, but I think Switzerland is certainly an impressive place that I’d like to see more of in the future. Time to start saving up for that holiday chalet in the Alps! 😜


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