Home – Sydney

After a whirlwind of a year overseas, I returned to Sydney for no particular reason, but to seek the comforts of home for a short while (10 days).


Blue skies ❤

  To be honest, I had concerns that once the initial excitement of seeing family and friends wore off, I’d feel like a fish out of water – that I had changed too much to feel content in Australia again. And being on the ground, I certainly felt that I had changed, but to my surprise, lots of things had changed at home too. 

There was a lot of news to return to, but the most profound thing was the sudden death of my uncle, who passed at the young age of 51 of a heart attack last September. My parents had felt the need to shield me from the news whilst I was solo in HK at the time, which is what parents always wanna do I guess – protect you. Disbelief and sadness aside, there is a big feeling of remorse not to have been there to support my family, and a weird sense of relief that forever, my last memory and moment with him was a happy one, having a good chat and bidding cheery farewells the day before I left.  If anything, this was one of those massive kick in the ass moments that remind you to make the most of everyday and live without regrets.

Though the time in Sydney passed by way too fast, it was a pure joy (and a smidgen of jet lag). The experience of leaving really helped reinvigorate my love and appreciation for everything Oz has to offer. Ok, 15 mins for a train is still pretty annoying, alcoholism and lockout laws aren’t great and you can’t just get to another country in an hour – but when you can hang out on a sunny winter’s afternoon (20+ degrees celsius!) , surrounded by stunning waterside views, plates of deliciously fresh local produce and great wine/beer/coffee, you can’t deny that the laidback Aussie lifestyle ain’t too shabby.     

(And now we get a bit photo heavy, cos after all the travel and raving I’ve done about other cities, I’m keen to just show off a small snippet of the amazing things my own home town has to offer!)

Balmoral Beach


Martins Place


I absolutely despise jogging, but the beauty of the Bay Run always give me the motivation I need 😉


Conditions so pristine you could flip a photo on its head and it’d still look tranquil

My awesome friends and family made sure every food craving was dealt with – I don’t think I’ve ever been so spoilt in my life. My mum, aunts and cousins cooked up every dish I was missing from home, and my friends took me out to new restaurants/cafes and old nostalgic watering holes. Every breakfast, brunch, lunch, dinner and late night graze was a special one and I’m nothing short of grateful for all the time and effort that was expended by my loved ones during my trip back!!  


Ragu cravings finally satisfied! 😀 (Bowery Lane, Wynyard)


The gorgeously delicate ‘Terrarium’ chocolate pot at Petal Met Sugar, Wolloomoloo (where I grazed while piecing together my post on Tallinn)


Beaches and booze


Desserts for days (Bathers Pavilion, Balmoral)
An absolutely delish Turkish and Mexican feast (Pazar Food Collective, Canterbury)


The best in the world, in my humble opinion!
And the piece de resistance - the Halal snack pack (HSP), a staple in the diets of Sydney's night owls! ❤️
And the piece de resistance – The Halal Snack Pack (HSP), a staple in the diets of Sydney’s late night dwellers. An indulgent bed of chips, topped with donor meat and the ‘Holy Trinity’ of sauces (garlic, chilli, bbq), tabouli optional ❤

Armed with a suitcase of Tim Tams, Shapes, chicken salt, Vegemite and Caramello Koalas, it’s now time to return to London, where summer has finally decided to make a long overdue appearance. Plenty of things to plan and look forward to once I’m back there, but as the age old saying goes – there’s no place like home 😊


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