Barcelona – a top cure for the common cold

Now that I’m presently on a short break in Sydney (STOKED to be back, might I add), I’m feeling inspired to start working through my exponentially-growing list of blog backlog – starting with a quick trip to Barcelona drafted one whole month ago. 

After weeks of feeling fatigued for no apparent reason, my immune system finally caved and wiped me out with a bad cold. 

So after 2 days of Netflix binging/couch potato-ing in the name of recovery, my cough lozenges and I flew to Barcelona this weekend to meet up with some Aussie mates who are presently doing the whirlwind European summer party pilgrimmrage (I.e an absurd number of countries condensed into 6 weeks). The previous time i was in Barca was last summer, when Kat and i were on our own 6 week European adventure – in hindsight, i dont know how we physically got through it, but it’s definitely something that ought to be done when you have the opportunity and energy.


gday Gaudi
Barca was fantastic as expected – plenty of good weather and amazing, fresh, succulent food teamed with equally delicious sangria.The company was also top-notch, reinforcing my utter  excitement to be visiting home to see my friends and family in a month’s time!  And though unintended (or was it) we were an unsuspecting audience to a naked bike ride through the city. Memorable, for different reasons (no one should ever skateboard naked. Ever.)


more Gaudi
Paella for 4. 4 giants. in reality, serves around 8 people with regular appetites.

La Boqueria market – highly recommended for satisfying tapas and fresh seafood cravings!
Now im on a 3 hour delayed flight back to London, tired, but mentally and physically feeling much better. Getting sick this week couldve been perceived as a case of ill-timing .. But actually, there’s nothing like a small dose of Spain when youre in need of good old R&R! 

Hard to feel like crap with this view (Bunkers Del Carmel – a short cab ride from the city and an awesome place for a mid arvo siesta or picnic)

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