Bringin it back to Berlin

This Monday we were graced with a bank holiday in the UK so every man and his dog took the opportunity to go somewhere for the long weekend (Btw, every public holiday is called a bank holiday here… weird, right?!). My plan to visit Amsterdam to see the tulip fields fell through, so in a last minute moment of madness/FOMO (fear of missing out), I headed to Germany (again). 

As almost every Sydney-Londoner who I knew was in Berlin, I ventured there for 1 night of steins/dancing to German folk music/overeating/raving before getting the 5.30am train all the way across to the other side of the country for a day of plenty-needed recuperation with my family in Essen. So despite the last minute planning, the weekend was very much well spent. 

Anyway, visiting Berlin a second time has prompted me to share a few snaps from when I came here for the first time last November. Culturally and historically, this city is a truly remarkable and interesting place, so despite being 4 months late, it’d be unacceptable not to give it a mention. 


Berlin has quite a tainted past, and has only relatively recently emerged from its days of being divided. I guess this aspect makes the history so much more eerie and relatable – I mean, most of us were alive when the Berlin Wall came down. And some may have even been alive when it went up! And of course, prior to all this, it was an epicentre for the Nazis in World War 2. And that’s just within the last hundred years.. 


The Holocaust memorial – 2711 concrete slabs of varying sizes , for which it’s up to the viewer to derive an interpretation of what it symbolises
The intentionally unceremonious carpark, where below-ground, a man named Hitler committed suicide

The fascinating thing is that Berlin doesn’t shy away from its not-so-perfect history, and to that extent, have made many museums and memorials free and accessible to everyone. A few days here can surely come and go really fast cos there’s tonnes to see and do! Still kicking myself for not getting to visit the dome of the Reichstag building 😓


A 1.3km section of the remaining Berlin wall which today forms the East Side Gallery + an awkard and freezing me (why is it that when you take a nice picture for another tourist, they usually give you a horrible one in return 😂😭 )

Depictions of real life attempts to climb over the wall – including via tightrope and hot air balloon!

Where the likes of Einstein and the Grimms brothers once taught. and where some 20,000 books were burnt by the Nazi’s in 1933

“For this was but a prelude; there where they burn books, they will end in burning human beings” – Heinrich Heine, 1820 (eerily prophetic!) . The underground memorial to the book burning, illuminating in the pavement opposite the uni

If ever you visit, aside from partying and eating currywurst, I implore that you do a Free walking tour and soak in some of this city’s longwinded history –  you’ll be all the more appreciative of the amazing, modern day Berlin for it! And on that note, Gute Nacht 😊


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