When life gives you lemons, trade them in for grapes and have wine instead

It’s currently Monday evening as I write this onboard the Eurostar from Paris to London. Though while we departed Kings Cross on Friday evening a group of 2, I’ll be arriving back alone after quite an eventful 36 hours. 

There are a few things that tourists are generally aware of when they arrive in the city of love:

1) Petty theft is a real threat. Fortunately, the worst I’ve lost is a box of expensive chocolates after accidentally leaving the bag outside my door for 20mins.

2) Lots of places tend to be closed on Sundays. 

So as you could imagine, losing your bag, passport, wallet and phone to a sneaky thief/fake tourist outside the Notre Dame on a Sunday afternoon is, to put it politely, an inconvenience. 

this is the unfortunate situation that befell my friend who accompanied me from London to Paris and is now stuck in Paris awaiting a new Aussie passport, not knowing for sure whether she’ll be allowed back into the UK without her visa. 

The cruel twist to all this was that we discovered the theft right when we sat down and I had told her to be careful with her stuff! Literally 2 seconds too late. 

Oh and the fact that the  scumbag perpetrator had actually taken this nice photo for us  only moments earlier .. Mais, c’est la vie. 

the calm before the storm


So I had drafted this 2 weeks ago but never got round to posting! Never has it been such a comfort to see a photo of Malcolm Turnball hanging in the entrance of the Australian embassy in Paris, giving us the solace of essentially being on Aussie grounds again and dealing with Australian bureaucracy. Thanks to the 24 hour turnaround (cheers Canberra!!), my friend was back in London within 2 days after being issued an emergency passport. 

In the meantime, there was nothing more to do but drink away the sorrows, and of course, Paris served us perfectly well in that regard 😉



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