Brb London – Gone to get warmed up 

Tonight I’m departing from hot and sticky Vietnam, where I’ve been hiding out from the European chill for the last 4 days.

The matchbox houses of Saigon

As much as I’ve really been missing Asia Pacific weather and proper Vietnamese food lately, taking a 14 hour flight for a short holiday to the tropics is a bit too indulgent (even for my standards 😝). Alas, there is a totally justifiable non-pho related reason for this seemingly spontaneous trip! 


Not quite like pho in Australia (which is the best in the world, in my humble opinion!), but it’s as close as i’ll get for awhile – the abundance of fresh greens, though! 😍


Vietnamese iced coffee – i dont like taking too many risks for my stomach, but one of these bad boys is always worth the gamble ❤️

You see, I could imagine it is one of the toughest things in the world for parents to let their child go away and chase their dream. So the best way I could think of showing my parents my gratitude for their reluctant, but eventual, support of my big endeavour was to surprise them in Vietnam while they were on holiday!

And the reaction I got was COMPLETELY worth it – they were stunned for a few hours, to put it briefly 😂 for those who know my mum and expected her to cry, you may be interested to know she was too shocked to even shed a tear!

Flashback to 2011 – the last time we were on holiday in Vietnam together! (my dad sure loves his red shirts, no?)

That said, when it came time to see them off at the airport when they left for Aus yesterday, it was almost as tough as parting ways back in Sydney (the temptation to continue back to Oz did cross my mind!). But it was just really nice to spend quality time with them, even if it was only for a few days – something we haven’t really done properly for quite awhile!

Quality time with my dad usually involves enjoying a coffee – in Vietnam he’s always taking me to new spots, and i gotta say this one in the middle of bustling Saigon was pretty spectacular
Banh Canh with fresh fish… the first time ive had a proper breakfast in months!

Speaking of family – I got chatting to an Irish family on the plane, who are returning to Dublin with their newly adopted baby boy from Saigon!! Having done some work with orphans in Vietnam before, it just made me so happy knowing this innocent little child has been taken out of obscurity and given an opportunity for a brighter future. The parents, who have their own daughter and another adopted girl from Hanoi, went through 9 painstakingly long years to get this adoption approved – hats off to these amazing people for their persistence !

Until next time, motherland Vietnam!

Anyway, now I’m somewhere above India, not knowing whether I’ll be able to make my connecting flight in Abu Dhabi due to this one being delayed – oh the excitement of travel!

(Update – Subsequently missed the connection to London and am currently half way through a 6 hour wait for the next flight at 8am. What I’d give to have my own bed right now…)

Btw, OHS in Vietnam – clearly a non-issue haha



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