The Skye is the Limit 

I’ve always liked the name Skye – when I was a kid, my aunt and uncle lived next to an elderly couple, Hugh and Gloria, who were like family to us all. They eventually moved to Newcastle, and we would have road trips to go and visit them; their dog Skye was the first dog I ever met in my life, and her friendliness was probably what set off my love for canines ever since.

So when I first learned that there was such a place in the world called the Isle of Skye, I was immediately drawn in. In Gaelic, Skye translates to “Mist” – and so journeying to a place known as the Isle of Mist just sounded like an enchanting idea. If you’ve ever seen pictures of the Fairy Pools, you’d know that Skye just seems like one of the most magical places on this earth!

Unfortunately, it also rains a lot in Skye. So all plans to explore the beautiful isle were quenched as fast as the torrential rain was hitting the ground. What an anti-climax to such a long winded intro haha. The locals say May is really the best time to visit so I may try again then 🙂

anyway, bear with me, I still have photos to share!

Here are some snaps from days 3-4, where we journeyed through the following places: Inverary-Glen Coe – Fort William – Isle of Skye (Broadford-Carbost-Portree) – Kyle of Lochalsh -Applecross – Ullapool


The Rest and Be Thankful lookout


So im told some scenes from Skyfall were filmed here (Glencoe)


The picturesque Fort William 😍


Just casually waiting for the Hogwarts Express to pass by (Yes this is the actual bridge from the HP movies !! 😱)

Nothing to do in the rainy weather except sample whisky!


trying out some scottish seafood 👌


More rain clouds converging over Skye 😥


The Eilean Donan castle in the Kyle of Lochalsh. nice sight but what was more brazen was the man who stopped his car right in the middle of a highway bridge to get out and take a photo of this place!



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