Bliadhna mhath ùr! (happy new year in Scottish Gaelic)

A big Scottish “Hiya!” from a caravan perched on a mountain top in the Isle of Skye!

Im currently on a week long road trip with a mate around Scotland. But before I launch into details, happy new year to everyone! I hope 2016 brings you plenty of good times and good fortune 😊 I welcomed in the new year in London (after 3 days in Zurich) and will be based here until May. It’s been great being reunited with all the Sydney Londoners! … Though I’m slightly glad to have a brief reprieve from them this week to detox 😂

NYE pre-predrinks by the Thames
You haven’t lived til you’ve tried a composting toilet!

As I write this, we are in the middle of nowhere with no access to Internet or a phone signal, or a flushing toilet for that matter, however surprisingly it’s quite refreshing spending a little time off the grid – plus it gives me a chance to draft this. We’ve just finished 3 days on the road, which has seen us travel from London-Glasgow-Edinburgh-Falkirk-Inveraray-Glen Coe-Fort Williams and finally to the beautiful Isle of Skye.

Scotland so far has been exceptionally scenic and beautiful, exactly as expected. Yet what has surprised me was the variety of delicious and inexpensive food – what started as a scenic road trip has turned into a food tour! All I had known about Scottish cuisine was haggis, but seafood is really huge here as well – tomorrow we’re off to the Oyster Shack to sample some! And did you know that Glasgow is supposedly the curry capital of the UK? I didn’t …

And I must mention the Scots – they have been so personable, helpful and sincerely friendly from the moment we arrived. I’ve been more than impressed with the hospitality we’ve received. The staff at Alexander Thomson hotel and Anne of Anne Macphersons BnB were incredibly nice and Sam & Lynne, the couple whose quirky but functional refurbished caravan we’ve hired for tonight, have been such a blast to chat to. For anyone travelling to Glasgow, Inveraray or Skye, I highly recommend a stay at these places!

Tomorrow the plan is to go around the Isle of Skye before getting back to the mainland to embark on the NC500 track around the North Coast. Still heaps of ground left to cover…

There’s quite a number of pictures I want to share, but will start off with a couple from Days 1-2 for now!

the Glasgow Necropolis

Edinburgh Castle

The Kelpies – Falkirk (an accidental but mammoth discovery)

first glimpse of a Scottish “loch” in Inveraray!



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