À la prochaine, Paris!

Another week has passed by, and with it brings another set of goodbyes. On Sunday I left Paris, and man, departing from a place you love never really gets any easier, no matter how much practice you have 😦

Despite my first experience in Paris being really good, I was prepared to have my love for this city challenged this time around – I was alone and didn’t really know anyone, I only knew a small slither of French and I was here to study art, something which is COMPLETELY different and out of my comfort zone. However, I couldn’t have been happier with how the past month has passed by and now I’ve been able to tick another thing off my bucket list – living a student life in Paris!

Last time I’ll be walking/ice skating/laying eyes on this beauty for awhile

In the last 4 weeks, I’ve made awesome new friends who are all so kind, passionate and inspiringly different to myself, I learnt to draw (very poorly, but much better than when I came!), I worked on a professional art commission and I’ve grasped a bit more working knowledge of another language! Either I’ve been meeting non-English speakers over the last fortnight or the Parisians I’ve interacted with actually understood me well enough to continue our exchanges in French – this is definitely really encouraging compared to my first week, where people would switch to English virtually straight away out of pity for me.

Anyway, as if my brain isn’t conflicted enough trying to become tri-lingual, my phone has decided it wishes to be culturally confused too. Despite being set to the Australian region/English keyboard, my phone dictionary mysteriously changed to French, making typing tortuously slow and difficult – so sorry to my friends who have seen an increase in mispelt words and unnecessary accents. Funnily enough, the only way I’ve gotten the English keyboard back was by changing my phone settings to French 😂 I’ll take this as a sign to keep progressing things on the language front (Wendy Herry – my aim is to be able to converse with you at work en francais!)

So now, I’m back in Germany eating a box of Pierre Herme macarons (better than Laduree I must say) while gearing up for a cold, but not white, Christmas. Missing everyone terribly and hoping all my Aussie friends and family are enjoying your summer! Christmas just doesn’t feel quite the same not hanging out under the sun in shorts, singlets and flip flops. 😅

Noel at the Galeries Lafayette – the QVB set up kind of pales in comparison…

The things that happen when you’re missing your friends and all the summer fun 😦



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