Which city should you live in?

Today I was trawling through Facebook and did one of those “Which city should you live in?” quizzes for fun.

And surprise surprise, Paris was the place for me!

I know you can’t base life decisions on silly quizzes, but it affirmed the fact that Paris has really become my favourite city – even if the metro smells like piss and there’s dog/cat/bird crap everywhere in the streets. I’ve felt at home here incredibly easily and I’ve probably learnt French faster in 1 month than in the last 10 years!

So it was a bittersweet moment once I realised I only have a bit more than 1 week left. I don’t have any options to extend my stay right now due to visa restrictions, and I’m bitterly regretting that I didn’t apply for a French working holiday visa whilst still in Australia.

It would sting a bit less if I didn’t do it because the idea had never crossed my mind – but unfortunately, my original plan WAS to get that working visa. Owing to a lifelong adoration for everything French, the dream was to stay here for an extended amount of time for a complete cultural immersion. I had done all the research and prep work (I even bought a return ticket leaving from France just to satisfy the visa requirement).

I did everything – except for submitting the application. The excuse? Laziness.

Anyway, I only have myself to blame now, but hopefully it will serve as a life lesson –  If you want something bad enough, every effort you expend in pursuing it will be worth it!!

Here’s a link to the quiz if you’re curious:


One of the most beautiful places in the world ❤



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