Confession: This blog was first created as a bit of an afterthought. Prior to this, I hadn’t read a travel blog before and was never in the habit of expressing myself through writing. The idea was passed onto me by a colleague who had done the whole travel thing and suggested it’d be a good idea to keep loved ones posted on what I’m doing, as well as acting as a memoir for me later down the track (Cheers Toby!).

So I started it in a rush, not quite knowing what to do, thinking I wouldn’t really have much to say, and feeling very shy about the things I did have to say. Over time, it’s become a bit of an outlet and personal project – and alas, I do find myself referring back to old posts when I need help remembering certain things I did or saw, so taking the time to write in such detail has served its purpose. Nowadays, to say I spend a decent amount of time writing stuff would  be an understatement.

Since I’ve ended up pouring my heart out into this blog, and have been blessed enough to actually have people out there interested in what I have to share, it’s about high time I invested some effort to fix up the page and make it a bit nicer, coherent, organised and a little more me. So as the French would say – Voilà!

For those who saw this page in its old non-user friendly state, thank you for putting up with the little ugly duckling before it became a swan 🙂

One of my favourite little spots in Paris to sit around and get stuff done!



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