When the City of Lights is in darkness 

Three nights ago I arrived in Berlin, head full of thoughts regarding all the calamities that have grappled the world over the past few days. In particular, I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t a bit shaken by what happened in Paris, as I was meant to be going there this Saturday. Whether or not that still goes ahead is a little precarious, but ill just wait and see.

Anyway, i got to Berlin at around 6pm and decided to head out to Brandenburg Gate, thinking that it would be a bit quieter at night time. Little did I know that this landmark, like many others, had been transformed into the colours of the French flag. As you may be able to tell from the pictures below, the general atmosphere in Pariser Platz (Paris Place) was a very somber one.

Pariser Platz got its name to commemorate Prussia’s defeat of Paris and Napoleon. The Quadriga on top of the Brandenburg Gate (originally taken to Paris by Napoleon, then later returned to Berlin after his defeat) was renamed “Victoria” and overlooks the square i.e one could say this was to infer that Victory looms over Paris. What’s ironic and heartwarming is that 200 years later, the very symbols of Paris’ defeat are today filled with gestures of solidarity and support for Paris in their time of strife.


    Found on the ground in the middle of the square 


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