“Nothing is impossible” – a timely reminder to be vigilant 

“Nothing is impossible” – I have found myself uttering this quite a number of times as of late. It’s what I tell people when they hear out my ambitious plans and ask how I intend to achieve them over the next year, and it’s what I have to tell myself continuously in moments of self doubt.

It’s also a mantra I silently chant whenever I’m faced with the dreaded task of packing my backpack. No space is too small, no pocket is unusable, everything can be compressed – it really is an art form!

So speaking of my backpack, today, I was unpacking the contents of the overly stuffed bag and noticed a tear, which I can say was definitely not there yesterday when I was packing to leave Finland for Germany. It was meticulously and deliberately cut – no jagged edges, and I examined the material and am confident there’s no way it could’ve been an accident.

Everyone’s heard of the horror stories regarding petty theft in Europe. Knowing this, I am always very guarded with my valuables and keep them close to me and in sight. Thankfully on this occasion, I only had random usb cables and a charger in that pocket of my backpack, so nothing of value. I can only imagine that this happened while I was standing on the crowded train waiting to get off, so without eyes on the back of my head I’m not too sure what else I could’ve done to prevent it .. I’m still just astounded that this happened without my knowing, and I’m pretty observant!

Though I am fairly annoyed to have potentially fallen prey to such thievery, I surprisingly see something in common with these petty criminals – as much as determination may be my only redeeming trait, it might very well be theirs too! So be vigilant, always keep your personals safe and remember, where there’s a will, there’s a way.

After all, nothing’s impossible!


5 thoughts on ““Nothing is impossible” – a timely reminder to be vigilant 

  1. Nice post – shows how incredible some of these thieves can be… We had an experience like this is Russia whereby people were stealing camera lenses off SLR’s while on the camera itself – remarkable how quick and easy they make it look… Good post – always stay vigilant!


      1. Yep its quite common – especially in Russia. I have a few other stories one in Africa and anothe rin Aus too both that were shocking experiences for others – its horrible that we as humans feel its necessary to steal!


      2. yeah in Aus it was at a backpackers where 2 travelers had their bags completely stolen from a dorm room at night – buy another traveler who checked in under a different name – was pretty harsh they lost their cameras, clothes, books and well everything… They were lucky to keep their passports and wallets on them at night


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