It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas 

A couple of days ago I had a very important appointment with the man up north. Not to be confused with Jon Snow (though I really wouldn’t mind that), the White Walkers or the man upstairs – the meeting I had was more of a merry nature. Yep,  I had a tête-à-tête with Mr Claus at Santa’s Village in Lapland!

I won’t divulge details on exactly what was discussed, but let’s just say I was even more giddy and excited than usual upon meeting “the man” himself – and don’t worry, I know the truth about Santa. But jolliness is contagious and I have no shame in admitting I was completely swept up in the Christmas spirit!

Santa Claus’ village is situated right on the Arctic Circle line, in Rovaniemi Finland. There is actually a distinct line that runs through the village that you can stand on and claim bragging rights for being right on the Arctic circle itself (like seriously, you can purchase a certificate for this).

 Walking the arctic circle 🙂 

Being November, the village was fairly quiet which was good – no queues or crazy crowds. A week ago, it was looking pretty bare in Lapland, but Santa informed me that snow eventually fell the night before I arrived. Lucky lucky! The scenery of Santa’s Village feels like a scene out of The Lion, The Witch and The Wardrobe (an all time favourite book!!) , so much so, I stood by a random lamp post transfixed for a bit too long for my cold fingers to handle.

So what can you do in Santa’s village?

  • Meet Santa (he’s a great conversationalist) and take a photo which you have an option to purchase (overpriced in my personal opinion at a minimum of 30€,  but I guess it’s a once in a lifetime thing). The route to Santa’s lair(?? I can’t think of a less sinister word for it) is kinda cool too – though they don’t allow cameras in this area.
  • Shop for Christmas souvenirs and other Finnish momentos (reindeer skin anyone?)
  • See the reindeers and go for a ride in their sled
  • Eat fresh Nordic salmon and drink hot Glögi (Finnish Christmas juice i.e mulled wine) in a teepee
  • Hop about the Arctic Circle line  and annoy your friends on snapchat
  • Send letters from Santa’s official post office
  • Pretend you’re in Narnia

Of course, there is more to do, however I was fairly limited with time. Check out the website for more ideas!

Salmon fillet fresh off the fire and cups of hot Glögi – best way to beat the arctic chill (unless you have a sauna of course)
   So this is where the Christmas wishlists end up…

I felt a day trip was sufficient for my purposes. I caught an overnighter intercity train from Helsinki which took approximately 13 hours (VR does extremely comfortable over-nighters if you have a bunker). Upon arriving, I caught the Number 8 bus (the “Santa express”) to the village. After 5 or so hours at Santa’s village, I then caught the same bus back to the station at around 5pm and boarded the overnighter to Helsinki. If tight on time in Finland, don’t concern yourself too much with staying overnight in Rovaniemi.

Anyway, I’m glad to say another bucket list item has been ticked off during my time in Finland. And now a number of postcards are on their way to my nieces and nephews back home from “Santa” himself, complete with official North Pole stamps – if only I could be there to see their faces when they receive them!


5 thoughts on “It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas 

  1. I reckon if one Googled and looked at some related forums, one may not find a post and article this cool and interesting about this place. And true personal feel account too. Great job Liann! I will show and go through this with Natasha some time soon (photos are fab), and perfect timing with the season and holidays to come! PS: I struggled a few years ago when she was 3 and a bit, and daddy did not do a decent job explaining, for she did not really get it…I hope she will do so now :)! Keep up the good work and the brill posts coming xx

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  2. Haha, thanks Liann. Well apparently on Christmas Eve night a few days ago, Natasha said in the middle of the night Santa came around 1am while she was sleeping and was bouncing up and down on her belly before leaving her presents in her stocking!! She said she is going to put that story in her school holiday homework (asking about Christmas). I told her that he must have done that so quietly and discreetly as her mum and I were still up and we did not see or hear him! Santa magic it must be! The reindeers are “cute “too apparently!

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