Fishing the Norwegian Fjords 

On Tuesday, I found myself in a little fishing trawler in Norway, sailing through the fjords on the hunt for king crabs. Last Tuesday, I was in a corporate office in HK, in and out of meetings, trying to get through a seemingly endless list of things to do. Six months ago,  I couldn’t have planned on being in either of those places -goes to show that life can take you to some pretty unexpected destinations if you seize the opportunity!

As there isn’t much snow in Lapland at the moment, my tour guide had to cancel the husky sledding and snowmobiling that was originally planned for this week. In lieu of these activities, a small group of 5 of us went into neighbouring Norway to join a local fisherman, Edgar, to go catch some crab.

It was a pretty surreal experience and one that will remain in the memory bank for awhile. Norway is an incredibly beautiful place and the area of Nesseby was like a tranquil scene out of The Secret Life of Walter Mitty, one of my absolute favourite movies and even more significantly, the catalyst for my decision to go overseas in the first place. Since I arrived here, I’ve had to pinch myself a few times because I’m still in amazement about being virtually on top of the world!

 The pier at 10am – it always looks like sunset or that a storm is going to roll in at any time because of the constant darkness

 Departing for the deep seas (luckily I always keep my travel sickness pills close!) – though it was pretty rocky, I can safely say the ferry between HK/Lamma Island was much worse!

   12pm – Probably as high up as the sun goes at this time of year (nts – need to clean my lens asap)

 Edgar letting out the nets 

  A scrambling mess of king crabs – honestly, this sight was slightly alarming cos of their size. Fun fact – king crabs spawned from neighbouring Russia and are considered pests by the Norwegians, due to the ecological damage they’ve inflicted on the Seabeds. 


 This lunch looks modest but DAMN it was amazing – the sweetest freshest meatiest crab I’ve ever had, served on toast with aioli sauce …. Sorry but if anyone eats crab in my presence in the future, you’re gonna have to listen to me say how it doesn’t compare to “that time in Norway” 

 Birds flyin high 

  Nesseby, Norway at sunset .. One of my personal favourite snapshots from the trip 



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