Tomorrow, tomorrow, I love ya, Tomorrow

So Dmitri Vegas and Like Mike have just taken out the coveted top spot for the 2015 Top 100 DJ Poll. Lots of people aren’t pleased, but I’m ambivalent …  actually that’s a lie, I voted for them too. Interesting fact: there was actually an army of people at Tomorrowland Dreamville whose job was to walk around and rack up votes for them, being Belgium’s resident dj’s and all. So this result doesn’t come as much of a surprise.

Anyway, it got me reminiscing about those 4 amazing, ridiculous, CRAZY days of partying in the “Kingdom of Melodia” (of which we saw Dmitri Vegas and Like Mike play for 3 lol). If Tomorrowland’s ever been something you wanted to experience, I highly urge you to go!

And if you need 20 mins worth of reasons why:

Tomorrowland 2015 Official After Movie

Now to decide whether or not to do it all again next year … 😋
2015-07-25 21.56.59


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