I’ve got that Singapore, Singapore sadness 

The weekend has a horrible tendency to fly by too quickly, especially when you try to cram in a quick trip to another country (how does Cecilia do it?!). I’m currently on the plane back from Singapore, a little sad that I couldn’t stay a little longer.

My time in Singapore was pretty hazy  – not in the drunk sense (contrary to what seems to be popular belief, I don’t drink that much these days); it was just bloody smoggy and hot! Hong Kong has finally started cooling down recently so being hit with the ridiculous heat in Singapore was torturous. The weather aside, I found myself pleasantly surprised that I had such a good time!

Don’t see anything?  Yea exactly 

I had booked myself into a pretty basic AUD35/night hostel in Chinatown, as motivation to spend as little time in the accommodation as possible. However when I got to the Bohemian Chic hostel, I was given a complimentary upgrade to their sister hostel down the road – the Chic Capsule Otel. For a 2 star, the accommodation was really awesome! As opposed to bunk beds, each person has their own “capsule” space, ensuring heaps of privacy that usually isn’t afforded in the conventional hostel dorm. Each capsule is decked out with blinds, its own internet-connected tv, lights and Beats headphones so that you can go about your own business without disturbing your neighbours. With towels, breakfast and drinks complimentary, I had absolutely no cause for complaints. The ultra clean state of the shared bathrooms and extremely friendly, hospitable service was just icing on the cake! Definitely a place I’d stay at again if I were to return.

Due to a flight delay, it was mid Saturday afternoon before I could meet up with my ex-HK colleague Winnie. After a late lunch of delicious Ipoh Hor Fun, we ventured over to Sentosa Island via monorail. As it was quite late in the day, we just explored the island and eventually went to the Skyline Luge park – no photos of this (standby for the go pro video) but it’s like go-karting/toboganning  and is heaps of fun! At night, the track is illuminated in a way that makes you feel like Mario, or Princess Peach, as was my preference, racing down the rainbow road. NB: For something a little closer to home, there’s also a luge park in New Zealand which looks even more amazing (in the sense that it’s steeper, and has incredible alpine views – see this clip)

Other attractions on Sentosa Island aside from universal studios include the trick eye museum, a zip line adventure park, Segway tours and cycling, paddle boarding and a water amusement park. The bars and restaurants that line the beach also seem quite lively at night. Time permitting, I think it’d be worth getting a fun pass and spending a day or 2 out there.

We then went back to Chinatown to visit Food Street for dinner (the street names in Singapore are so Literal – magazine street, temple street, mosque street to name a few). It would have been a crime to go to Singapore and not have Singaporean Chilli Crab, so as law abiding citizens, we went to the the Chinatown Seafood Restaurant to don the fashionable red aprons and get messy. An hour later, face and hands full of sauce and bellies full of crab, it was safe to say our cravings were satisfied ✅


  Such perfection 

Today, i went out to the Harbourfront mall for a spot of shopping ( splurged on an Urban Decay Naked Pallete that i don’t need – not the type of spending one should be doing on a poor travellers budget..). Based on my limited time, I’d say shopping in Singapore seems better than HK which was surprising – it’s also worth noting that customer service in general is A LOT friendlier compared to HK (sorry but it’s the truth! HK taxi drivers I’m looking at you)

I then went out to the iconic Raffles Hotel with Winnie and my cousin Ina, visiting from Germany. What I really love about places like VN, SG and HK is the blend of Western and Oriental influence that is still strongly prevalent today – Raffles hotel itself is like a step back into British colonial times.

Now the reason why we were there was to have a Singapore Sling – there is nowhere else more fitting (and expensive) to try a cocktail for the first time than at the very bar where it was first created! What made it that bit more special was the fact that this year marks the 100th anniversary since its concoction (patting myself on the back for that pun 😏)

 Story of the Singapore sling    Slingback Sundays 😉

So cheers to the Singapore Sling, and while we’re at it, happy 50th Birthday Singapore! You don’t look a day over 25 (credit to those strict anti littering policies no doubt!!).

(Ps, Sorry Carol, nothing to comment on the SG nightlife – I wound up fast asleep in my little capsule!)


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