Thrills, Kills & Utter Pandamonium

One of my colleagues, Gloria, is an avid fan of the HK amusement park Ocean Park. So despite how morbidly hungover I was from Saturday night’s shenanigans, I knew I could rely on her enthusiasm to rub off on me and get me through the day without curling into fetal position and repenting every drink from the prior night. Along with Keith and Moreen, we had a Sunday well-spent exploring the park’s attractions, visiting the animals and seeing the Halloween characters and attractions – something many locals had recommended as a must-do whilst in HK at this time of year.

I won’t lie – I was in and out of suffering until around 6pm (going into haunted houses and subjecting yourself to short but intense bouts of stress and fear will only intensify your throbbing headache), but I ended up having a really awesome time and I couldn’t be more thankful to the guys for taking me out there!!

The biggest highlight and primary reason for dragging myself out of bed that day was to fulfil my goal of seeing my spirit animal, the giant panda, and OH MY GOD, it was as adorably amazing as I had ever hoped and imagined. I didn’t expect to have many bucketlist items to tick off in HK, but I’m glad to say that this one is now accomplished! However, the ultimate dream is to one day be able to hug a panda … Not exactly sure how to achieve that yet though.

So it’s midnight now and I’ve vowed to stop getting carried away with blogging late into the night, so here are the pics 😊

The walking dead – an extremely accurate and literal depiction of how I was feeling that morning.. 

The park has quite a number of interesting suspects walking around at Halloween time

  Don’t you hate it when you’re in the middle of a conversation and have a creep hovering over your shoulder with a chainsaw 😒

  Jesus Christ he is so cute!!! Had to stop myself from clambering over the glass to run over and hug him. Btw, his partner Ying Ying very recently miscarried one week out from giving birth  (after being impregnated by a panda from the mainland because poor Le Le couldn’t get the job done). Sad days for panda lovers 😪


  Amazing views – something I’ll really miss about HK! 

 Funday Sunday 😁 – thanks so much for an amazing day! 


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