Looking for the snooze button

You know the panic that jolts you into becoming wide awake when you realised you’ve slept past your alarm? Whilst Ive not been too well-rested over the last few days, the realisation that I only have 3 weeks left in Hong Kong has sprung me out of my slumber and into a mental state of “OH SHIT” (for lack of a more eloquent description). What the hell have I done with my time? What do I still need to do with my remaining time? I just wish I could have more time. 😖 

Now every remaining weekend has been loaded up to cram in the many touristy things I’ve yet to do – my colleagues gawk when they find out I still haven’t gone to the Peak! I also need to capitalise on being in HK and get all my electronics and stuff sorted out (so painful when you’re not tech savvy 😭). Stuff needs to be sent back to Australia and arrangements need to be sorted out for my next few months back in Europe. And of course, I need to wrap things up at work.

Oh and next weekend I’ll be going to Singapore, to meet the target I had set of visiting at least 2 other countries while I’m placed here.

Crucially though, my winter gear is still in Australia, needing to be packed and shipped to Germany before the end of October. All things going smoothly (be kind airline gods!) I’ll be landing in Düsseldorf at midday on November 1st, leaving 4 hours to swap the corporate dresses for thermals and snow gear before flying out to Finland that same night for a week in the freezing Nordic wilderness. All things going smoothly – an assumption I’m pretty uncomfortable banking on. 

In times of stress, some yoga and inner peace would really come in handy. But it’s Friday night right now, so in the interim this will just have to do…

(Ok so wine may not be the answer … but at least it helps you forget about the problem!) 


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