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A double combo attack of the flu and a typhoon warning for HK couldn’t keep me indoors for very long this weekend. However, it did manage to add to the sour mood I was in. One of my closest friends got engaged over the weekend (congratulations Theresa and Frankie!!!) and I just felt totally gutted not to be at home to be able to share the excitement with her in person – the epiphany that I would be missing so many moments like these with my loved ones hit home harder than the so called “typhoon” did, that’s for sure.

Thankfully HK is a place full of things to keep you entertained, so staying at home feeling sad and sorry for myself just would not be allowable.

On Saturday after waking up horrendously late in the day in a codeine-induced stupor (thanks Codral cold & flu!), I dragged myself over to a music studio in Mongkok to play around/get some practice on the drums; cos of the meds it actually felt like I was floating on air, it’s a wonder I even made it to the place. To add to the misery of the day, the building lifts were broken so the journey to the 20th floor had to be undertaken by foot – sadly, it no longer felt like I was floating on air after that climb 😦 also picked up a pair of drumsticks for myself in Wan Chai (of the musical kind, not 🍗🍗) so I guess you could say things are getting pretty serious between the drums and I now!

Today I caught up with Xtina for lunch and while dawdling home, I decided to take a quick stroll through PMQ – the site was once a western school in the 1800’s, and then became the Police Married Quarters before being turned into a cultural site dedicated to the creative arts.

PMQ is a pretty cool area to walk around if you’re into local Hong Kong designers and quirky gifts and accessories. The studios also hold various exhibitions and workshops you can participate in (eg jewellery making)- I had previously scoured the website ( and marked a number of things to try but hadn’t had a chance to actually go yet.

 So much to explore !!

While in PMQ, I encountered an art exhibition titled “Through layers of memory”. After being completely engrossed by the artwork and having a lovely chat with the project manager, Virginie, I decided to register for a workshop with the artist, Beatrice de Fays. Having just finished enrolling into my art classes for Paris last night, it was fate that I was to become acquianted with these Parisiennes today at an art exhibition!!

The basis of Beatrice’s paintings were to create a mirage of the past meeting the future through layers of imagery (you could honestly stare at one piece and find more than 10 scenes), and for our workshop we were asked to bring mementos that served as important personal memories, to be translated into a collage of our past, present and future selves – my items of choice were the scrapbook from my cousins, a Polaroid of my parents, the iPad gifted by my friends during our Terrigal weekend, the notebook from my girlfriends with their suggestions of things to do, my tomorrowland bracelet, a bottle opener Kat gave me before we parted ways in Lisbon and my charm bracelet. Having been in such a home sick state, looking at these items did make me a bit sad!

While the output of the workshop was really nothing more than a juvenile looking collage, the 2 hour process to get there was surprisingly very personal and reflective – I left feeling like I knew a bit more about myself and what I value. After explaining the components of my piece, the artist made an interesting observation that I was very much present and future focused, with nothing on the board that really represented the past. Err talk about food for thought?!

Anyway, despite the horrid weather, it was an unexpected but enjoyable weekend. And becoming friends with the lovely Beatrice and Virginie was a reminder not to dwell on the things I’m missing out on (including the NRL grand final!!) but to enjoy these moments that I’m lucky to be having 😁

 Jesus I look young standing with these kids 😐


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