How you think what you think makes the difference 

It’s felt a bit quiet on my front lately, but as I look back through my calendar and think about what I’ve been up to, I came to a realisation that the week has been unexpectedly active. When I left Sydney, I was at a pretty low point where I wouldn’t want to do anything after work, not even eat. In hindsight, I think I was simply burnt out. In HK, I’ve been working similar hours and am generally tired most of the time, but a lot more motivated to make the most of every moment here. Mindset is a powerful thing.

On Monday, I had dinner with Kelvin from the Sydney office and explored Causeway Bay. I was introduced to the HK fast food chain Tsui Wah which has changed my life and diet (my colleagues find my newfound love for this restaurant very bemusing). Found out they also do home delivery – finally I can succumb to laziness and have food brought to my door!    

On Tuesday my 9pm meeting was cancelled, freeing up the evening for another aerial yoga class.

Hump day was once again spent in Wan Chai for team drinks. Having become a lot more risk averse since last time (we still don’t like to speak of it), I drew enough restraint and willpower to be home by 12am. The score remains at 1-0 in WanC’s favour – I could never hope to conquer Wan Chai (I am just a mere mortal, and a small one as well), but at the very least, I’m determined to keep the scoreboard margin low and my head held high from this point on!

On Thursday I had my weekly dose of Mongkok/Prince Edward, as that’s where I’m now taking drumming lessons (a bucket list item!). In the absence of having any piano or organ to play, drumming has been a really good outlet for me to relax and chill out. I also discovered a whole restaurant dedicated to my favourite HK dish – rice rolls!!

 From the suitably titled “Superior Steam Rice Roll Pro” Restaurant

Which brings me to Friday. Hk and (some of) Beijing finance had a half day workshop on stress management and frankly, I was exhausted from all the fun and laughter we had in that session. It was a much needed reinforcement of the importance of positive thinking and the power of perception. While this workshop was very work-centric, there were a lot of take aways I hope to personally practice rather than just preach going forward.

Following on from the workshop, we went to a really local seafood market in Kowloon where you shop around for fresh produce that is subsequently cooked and served at the restaurant of your choice. Being a big lover of authenticity, I really enjoyed how “real” this experience was – glamorous wasn’t the word I’d use to describe it but it’s somewhere I’d be determined to go again (and be more prepared to take photos!). Memorable items on the menu included mantis prawns, razor clams, lobster (with noodles of course), steamed fish, and much, much more.

And in the spirit of maximising the mid-Autumn long weekend, I am now on a midnight flight to Vietnam. No rest for the wicked (which is not to say the wicked wouldn’t appreciate a nice big nap right about now).😵 Happy weekend everyone!

Smells like team spirit 


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