Like water off a Dragon’s Back 

After a fairly boozy and lethargic week, I rewarded my body for its hard work by having a weekend full of exercise, clean eating and lots of rest. Suffice to say, I’m probably riding on a wave of endorphins at the moment. hopefully it’s enough to keep me happy and healthy for the coming week!

Ricci from work had invited me along to try aerial yoga yesterday and thanks to her, I’ve finally committed myself to some form of exercise for the next 5 weeks! Aerial yoga is so much fun – frankly, I don’t think I can engage in normal yoga ever again. All of the hanging, flips and swinging around made me feel like an uninhibited child, which concurrently helped me forget that I was sweating like a pig. Also, the view from the yoga room was truly a treat. The beautiful sight of the mountains in the far distance can definitely boost one’s zen and inner peace 🙏

 Just hangin out .. 

Today i got out for my first hike in HK, together with some American friends who I met a few weeks ago, Abigail and Jason. I only came to HK with one particular trail on my to-do list, the Dragon’s Back, and despite the sweltering heat, this hike was a perfect way to spend a sunny Sunday.

Quite sure I sweated out 3 months worth of bad habits today 

The Dragon’s Back is on HK Island and rated one of the best urban trails in the country. Despite being merely 45 mins away from Sheung Wan by bus and mtr, it felt like we had been transported into another tropical world. However, just when you begin to forget that you’re still in urban Hong Kong, the spectacular view of the city buildings from atop the mountains brings you back to reality.

The Dragon’s Back 

Wait what, we’re not in Hawaii!? 

The total track that takes you from the bus stop in Shek O down to Big Wave Bay is around 8.5km long and took about 3 hours to complete due to the various inclines and declines of the actual “dragon’s back” ridge itself. The first few kms did puff us out (the scorching sun didn’t make it easier!) but the second half of the hike was in the shade and not too strenuous. Along the way, we were treated to some waterfalls, exotic looking spiders and a fresh coconut and nap on the beach 🙂 I’m starting to realise now that the bugs kindly treated me to a few bites as well .. Hmm

From this point on, all i could think of was the beach!

From the top of the mountain to the bottom 🙂 

To be honest, I never realised how big hiking is here as a recreational activity. I came across grandfathers and grandmothers hitting up the mountains today (who were probably picking up a faster pace than my slow pitiful trudge). We even saw a kid around 3 years old stopping to stretch out his hamstrings and calves like an absolute pro! I guess a few hours hiking through the quiet wilderness must have a therapeutic effect for people who live their daily lives in such a crowded, bustling and undeniably polluted place. After 2 months of post-Australian life in the fast lane, I think I’m beginning to identify with that.



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