Sense and sensibility 

I thought of a really witty title for today’s post while I was trying to fall asleep last night. For fear of not being able to switch my brain off for another few hours, I didn’t write it down. gah! The Jane Austen reference will just need to do – I promise it has some obscure relevance to what I want to say.

After mentally pledging not to have anymore big nights following wild Wanchai Wednesday, low and behold, I caved into my fun-loving/FOMO instinct and traded in slippers for party shoes on Saturday night. (sense and sensibility .. Get it? Get it?)

Lan Kwai Fong (LKF, as people affectionately call it as they reminisce of the big nights they’ve had there) was like Kings Cross condensed into 1 block. The large concentration of revellers stumbling between bars and clubs on the block just makes the general area of LKF feel like a massive street party, especially since it seems to be acceptable here to drink booze in the streets. After a few bars, we eventually ended up in a club on Wyndham street because, I won’t lie here, LKF was nice and fun, but a bit seedy and dirty (kinda like my friends back home aye – JOKES! or am I.). Anyway, let’s just say it was an awesome night but not so much an awesome Sunday morning..

Oh but I didn’t spend my whole weekend suffering from the repercussions of too much fun. Here’s some snaps I got while exploring my area of Sheung Wan, which is a really cool place to live – central enough, but not as hectic as, er.. Central. I also started drum lessons too! Better late than never 🙂

  Man Mo temple – still standing strong in the middle of urban HK since 1847

 Saturday was apparently a special religious day. It was nice observing the locals popping in to light the incense sticks and say their prayers.

  Alleyway art – yo Bruce !

 Actually there’s nothing much to look at here. I just personally find something soothing about this little old lady sitting in this quiet street. Wait, I think because quietness isn’t something you tend to come across in HK !

It’s worth noting that HK is a suicide mission for stiletto cladded ladies as these hilly roads and pavements are incredibly uneven. You could be walking on a section of sidewalk, that suddenly becomes elevated 40cm above the road before you know it! And no handrail! Roll your ankle on a dodgy brick (or a bypassing rat – yes, happened yesterday in Soho) and you may find yourself falling off the side of a mini cliff.  Leave the heels at home and bring a hiking stick instead cos this urban jungle is seriously wild. You could also use the stick to fend off the sloppy drunks in LKF too. Double win!


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