Harnessing the power of flowers 

Flowers never fail to put a smile on my dial. So when the HK rainy season started getting the better of my mood this week, I took the recommendation of a colleague (thanks Rachel!) and signed up for “flower jamming” with Tallensia Floral Art, Sheung Wan.

For HKD480, you can spend a really relaxing Saturday afternoon with the bubbly and talented Lowdi Khan, other likeminded flower lovers and a vast range of beautiful flora to be cut (or butchered, in my amateur-ish case) and arranged at your leisure. Considering floristry is one of my dream career paths, I jumped at the opportunity to get a taster into the pretty world of flower arrangement.

The lovely creator of flower jamming in HK. Thanks for an awesome time Lowdi!

Better yet, I got to take away a big colourful bouquet to finally start making this bare white studio a home (to accompany the Polaroid picture of my family, the only personal touch I’ve added to this place). And to top it off, I’ve made some new friends! Winning on multiple accounts 😁

A welcome addition to my humble abode 🙂

Now that I’ve arrived here, I’m starting to discover that there are quite a few recreational activities around to fill your time – it isn’t all work hard, play hard, see a temple and eat dumplings, as is the general stigma about living in HK. However, a lot of the cool things are shared across Facebook, so that’s when some local intel will come in handy to point you in the right direction. That said, friends and colleagues have already inspired a bit of a list of things to do. Really excited for the months ahead!

Now to get some rest and prepare to keel over in suffering and humiliation tomorrow – in other words, go to the gym with the girls from work who will take pity on me for lacking any form of fitness ….


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