You win some, you lose some then you dim sum 

Somehow I thought I stood a chance of getting diet and fitness back on track while in HK. But cuisine here is so bad and at the same time, so bloody good! 😭

Amongst the scores of delicious food I’ve eaten in the last 2 days was “zhaliang” – fried dough wrapped in steam rice noodle roll, literally a combo of 2 dishes I love! At that point I knew it was all over. Who needs a summer body for European winter anyway.

Now that food and I are on the same page again, it’s time to hunt out the best things to eat while I’m here! Recommendations are most definitely welcomed and needed 😊

A simple dinner of ha cao and black truffle siu mai in celebration/acceptance of my non-dieting status. Polished off with a bag of chips of course … 

By the way, today I learnt that no one actually pushes trolleys in HK yumchas; you simply fill in an order form. I’m slightly disappointed not to be able to do my usual spot of people-watching (speculating whether the waitresses who land the unpopular carts ever feel discouraged by the constant rejection).


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