Goodbye Germany, hello inevitable jetlag

It’s currently 2.30am as I lie in bed watching Mythbusters, in Hong Kong (no more European posts for the time being, sorry!). For anyone whom I didn’t get a chance to catch up with right before leaving Australia, I’ll be posted here for work for the next 2 months – petiteabroad has officially gone Asian!

I arrived this evening on a wonderfully luxurious overnight flight with Virgin Atlantic (how will I ever go back to economy class…). Fortunately, there was a fully reclining bed on the plane. Unfortunately, I rested too well on the flight and consequently can’t sleep right now. It’s depressing to know that I’ll be walking into the HK office in a few hours looking/feeling like a train wreck, faced with god knows how many emails after this 5 week hiatus..

Prior to arriving in HK, I spent 4 days with my wonderful German relatives. Having had an upbringing whereby family was always a constant and reassuring presence in my life, it was such a comfort to have an extension of the Hoang fam in Europe. I had met my cousin Ina awhile back when she came to visit Australa, however I hadn’t yet been directly acquainted her parents (my mum’s cousin) – having instantly met them, it was like we’ve known each other our whole lives. Naturally, I ended up setting a bit of a base in Germany rather than London over the last month, which came as a surprise. Guess it goes to show that anything can change when it comes to traveling!

Spontaneous Sunday shopping in the Netherlands, simply because we can 😁

Essen is such a funky place with a massive punk/goth vibe to it. I never really noticed how big rock music was amongst Germans until the last few days, having spent an evening at the Essen Original festival with my cousin.  The longer I spend there, the more likely I’ll leave with half a shaved head and facial piercings (I’M JOKING MUM) – the celebration of individuality in this quieter/smaller part of Germany has me intrigued to see how crazy Berlin will be when I visit later this year.

First German beer!!

Btw, something I recently discovered is that sections of European highways actually don’t have speed limits! Perhaps to give the powerful locally manufactured cars an opportunity to perform in all their glory. Australian limits of 110kmph are laughable compared to the speeds they’re racking up here..

Anyway I wanted to say thanks to my family for welcoming me with open arms and helping fill the void I felt from leaving behind loved ones in Australia! Time to pull my socks up and make the most of the next 2 months in Asia 🙂

(And something to note when taking HK taxi’s – they don’t accept card payments)


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