A whiff of Cologne

Ok, I feel compelled to apologise for that terrible pun LOL.

As previously mentioned, I did a random day trip to Cologne yesterday, which was reduced to only a couple of hours after I was distracted playing with a cute dog and got led astray by Google maps, resulting in me missing my original bus..

Upon arrival, I was greeted by the sight of the massive Cologne cathedral. Despite contracting a mild case of cathedral fatigue, I actually haven’t really been inside a single one since arriving in Europe – I guess I’d rather study one thing thoroughly than breeze through 20. After marvelling at the intense detailing of the façade (honestly, the people who built these structures must have  incredible patience) I purchased a self-guided tour pamphlet and went about exploring inside. Following on from the fast pace of the last month, it felt good to finally take a leisurely stroll and properly soak in my surroundings!


Check out that detailing on the archway!

  I counted around 6 sets of pipes in the whole cathedral

After quickly googling things to do in Cologne, I was keen to get to the Ludwig Museum which is supposedly big on pop art. Unfortunately it turns out that they’re not opened on Mondays which was a shame. I’m no art buff but from the time I’ve spent in Germany, my impression is that they would have had some really interesting stuff floating about.

The locket cladded Hohenzollern bridge over the Rhine river was another cool sight. Let’s hope it doesn’t meet the same fate as its Parisian counterpart  

Love in a hopeless place

After more wandering and a pitstop for German beer and a bratwurst sausage with a side of bread (the sausage to bread ratio was literally 3:1), it was time to head off back to Essen.

Cant say Cologne is a place you’d need to visit more than once, but hey, if you’re ever wondering, they do indeed produce cologne (disregard my ignorance if this was already common knowledge)!


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