A Portuguese dream fulfilled (Ode to the egg tart)

I’m not a patient person. But when something really matters, I am willing to wait. This is precisely how I felt about my perfect Portuguese egg tart.

I wasn’t going to make the same mistakes as I did with gelato. I wouldn’t be lured into anything less than what I set out for. The temptation to have a quick egg tart from random places did arise from time to time. But I abstained. Pasteis de Belem was the goal.

On a normal day, I’m happy to walk around looking like crap (especially compared to Kat). But that day, I put on my best dress, tried to fix my feverish face, and set out to Belem. Cafe service took a little long as they were pretty busy, but the moment I bit into that fresh, crispy golden tart, I knew the wait was worth it.  

My one true European love

This place is never short of a crowd lining up for some delicious takeaway (fortunately the production line moves very efficiently). They have other pastries, but that’d be like going to KFC and ordering a salad ..

Takeaway egg tarts, for breakfast lunch and dinner 

On a side note, the experience was only slightly marred by an overfriendly person old enough to be my dad. I’ve been lucky not to have encountered bag snatchers in Europe, but cradle snatchers on the other hand…😒

So anyway, that ends my ode to the egg tart. Our time together was short and sweet, but oh so delicious.

Bucketlist – eat an egg tart in Portugal ✅


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