Riding solo in Lisboa

In the early morning hours, Kathy and I parted ways in Lisbon – Kat to Amsterdam to meet with Theresa and return home, while I’m now on an evening flight to London. We knew the time was approaching fast and we were kind of in denial about it, but now it feels like I’ve said farewell to my last remnant of the familiar – to be honest it’s sad and a little scary.  Part of me wants to return home to friends and family, but I guess I just have to keep looking forward and pushing on! To distract myself from being too sad, I booked in some flights to Finland in November for the northern lights 😉

The last month together has had its fair share of highs and lows. Travelling with friends is always a risk and we weren’t naive to this fact, but it was great that we’ve come out of this like sisters more than ever. No really bad habits and annoying traits came to surface … none that we weren’t already aware of at least 😜

From the lows (taking turns vomiting in Germany, suitcases and stairs, your bad jokes, delays, missing flights to ibiza and the chaos that ensued) to the many highs (Tomorrowland, cave diving, being hapsy under the Eiffel Tower, finding truffle cheese, getting new flights to Ibiza and the fun that followed), I couldn’t think of a better person to experience this whirlwind adventure around Europe with. Thanks for constantly looking out for me, like you’ve always done at home.

Love you Chi Hai ❤️ you’re the biggest Katpoop I’ve ever seen…

(Photos from Barcelona and Lisbon to come shortly)


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