When God closes a door, he opens a window for you to eat real Italian pizza

During our short time in Italy, there were certain things on our wishlist that we weren’t able to accomplish; the biggest regret was not having the time or stomach space to have an authentic Italian pizza. Disappointed but satisfied with how perfect our days in Rome and Florence were, we set off for Ibiza for our 1 night of epic partying (that we weren’t too keen for, to be honest). Italy must not have wanted us to leave – the moment we left the Spanish steps, home bound to get our luggage, Rome drenched us with crazy torrential rain!

And then the inevitable finally happened – I had stuffed up and misread the time of our flight, which had already left by the time we rocked up to the airport!

Lucky for me, kat has been a great sport about it and in between being bummed about things not going to plan, we’ve at least managed to have a laugh about the crappy situation we’re in.

For 3 hours, we’ve been trawling the Internet and running in between different airport terminals and ticket counters trying to get a flight out to anywhere in Spain for tonight. After a series of unfortunate events (missing out on tickets by a matter of minutes, online payments failing etc..) we succumbed and decided the only thing that could be done is stay in Rome another night. It’s  now 10.50pm and we’re on the bus back into the city, exhausted, hangry, bus sick and still not dry from the rain. Ibiza is on the agenda for tomorrow afternoon – we’ll try snag a few hours at Ushuaia to see robin Schulz (but unfortunately missing out on Axwell Ingrosso) before jumping on our scheduled flight to Barcelona at 10.30pm.

I drafted that 3 nights ago on the bus back Into Rome city centre. Since then: 

  • We had an amazing salami pizza and scampi pasta just a few minutes from our accommodation 
  • Microsoft blocked my hotmail account, barring me from accessing the boarding passes and tickets for our new flight to Ibiza 
  • Finally got tickets printed,  frantically arrived at the gate just as final calls were being made
  • Jumped onto the plane to Ibiza. The accommodation we had already paid for but didn’t get to stay in ($300 wasted!!) refused to hold our luggage for the 6 hours we were gonna spend in Ibiza
  • Defeated, we lugged our stuff to a cafe that offered baggage storage. There was a British expat named Liam working there who was soo sympathetic and ended up giving us free drinks and food to make us feel better! 
  • After a few drinks and realising how great Ibiza was, we decided to cancel our 10.30pm flight back to Barca in favour of the 7am flight the next morning. 
  • Got the great guys at Trunkit guru to collect our luggage and meet us at the airport at 5.30am – Iuggage storage isn’t as big in Ibiza as it is in, say, Croatia. I highly recommend Trunkit guru. 24 hour service and very professional!
  • After some celebratory drinks with our new mate Liam, we partied away at Ushuaia (robin Schulz ended up being a flop, but Axwell Ingrosso 👍👍👍) . It was the most epic pool party I’ve ever attended – seeing the airplanes flying over the stage was surreal and something I’ll remember for awhile. 
  • After Ushuaia finished (12am – something we were unaware of til mlee told us last week), we met up with Liam who got us into Pacha for free!
  • PACHA WAS INCREDIBLE – another bucket list item ticked off. Was metres away from Mark Ronson, diplo and Martin solveig who were all amazing. It wasn’t the biggest club I’ve ever been in, but it is most definitely the best !!
  • Danced the night away and got to the airport as dawn broke.
  • Got to Barcelona, slept, had delicious Spanish food, slept more. Having leftover paella for breakfast now. 

 They say that when God closes a door, he opens a window. But Francesca, our tour guide in Rome, had a slightly different saying – “When God closes a door, he opens an even bigger door”. And I think that perfectly sums up the events of the last 72 hours 🙂 

Bucket list – experience a night at the one and only Pacha Ibiza ✅


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