Snakes, churches and a mythical castle – adventures in Prague

Hi! I’ve heard that it’s been a wonderful 25 degrees back in wintery Sydney. If there’s one thing I’ve learnt to appreciate about Australia since leaving, it’s the weather…

Today we found Anthony Bui and his mate Tommy in Prague and set off to see the splendours of the city. The end goal was to end up at Prague Castle and marvel in its greatness, but in reality, it was pretty underwhelming. We passed it a few times while searching for it, and while google maps says we were there, I’m still not totally convinced that I even saw it. On the upside, the long uphill climb meant that there was a pretty cool evening view of the city waiting for us at the top.

From somewhere supposedly near Prague castle 

St. vitus – It may be getting to the point where all churches start looking the same..

(I guess I’m recounting the day backwards now)

We also wandered through old town and over Charles Bridge. If you took away the swarms of chinese tourists, it was like being transported into another time where Knights, dames and the odd snake charmer roamed the streets.

Speaking of snakes, I can now say I’ve kissed one (not by my choice, or his/hers for that matter)


After 2 weeks of painstakingly paying euros and sterling (ie seeing our AUD savings slip away like water), it was a big relief to get onto the CZK. Food servings are massive and hearty here, and beer is probably better value than soft drinks. For lunch we stumbled across an underground pub which had self serve tap beer on each table – I can think of a few people back home who ought to invest in this set up!

Colourful buildings, everywhere. It’s quite cute.

 Every office desk needs this

A lot of things here have a slightly barbaric medieval flair about it which is pretty cool. This was our dinner of pork knee with pickled veggies, mustard and horseradish – Bold plating, not so bold in flavour unfortunately

That’s it from me for today. Tomorrow we try for the infamous Prague pub crawl!



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