Lost my heart (and my voice) in Paris 

Paris is always a good idea” 

Let me raise my glass of French champagne to that!

The budding moments of my relationship with Paris have been as dreamy as I could’ve hoped. However, despite believing that I was getting over my flu, I’ve actually developed laryngitis and lost my voice. Thanks to my dear friends and colleagues in Australia for making sure I departed the country in a broken state- Europe has definitely shown no mercy on the weak!

Here are some happy snaps from day 1 – Hopefully these pictures will speak a thousand words in the absence of my ability to actually talk at the moment 😌 More touristic shots to follow later.

Our old neighbour, the Notre Dame. Still standing sassy after more than 800 years. 

 The Louvre – the bigger spectacle was watching American tourists  cruising around the area on couple’s/tandem segways. 

   A Parisian sunset on the River Seine (this was around 10pm, which is the reason why our body clocks don’t scream out for dinner til around midnight 😭) 

Mindboggling how you can cross over to the other side of the world and still bump into people from home!! 😂 #australianinvasion

From Paris with love 


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