A taste of London

Greetings from the Eurostar enroute to Paris!

Thanks for all the concern about Kat and I being sick – we feel a lot better today (and back on solids hallelujah!!). The sun is out which has also lifted our spirits a little. Unfortunately I couldn’t shake this lingering cough I caught in Belgium, so it’ll also be hitching a ride with me to France.

We just spent 1.5 days in London. It would’ve been a bit longer had British Airways not cancelled our flight right when we were about to board; combined with the nausea and fatigue, we were not happy campers. By the time we eventually got to my friend’s place in North Greenwich, all we could do was have canned soup and then sleep for the next 12+ hours. Probably the most boring guests Jasmine’s ever welcomed into her home!

Yesterday I didn’t have a full day of exploring with Kat and Mlee but managed to get out to see Buckingham Palace and London Bridge. They were pretty much as nice as I expected them to be – a lifetime of seeing pictures and footage of them probably desensitised me upon seeing the real thing. Promise not to have the same reaction if I ever see Prince Harry though.

  Scoping out my future home

 Battled the UK wind to get this shot

In the evening, we went to Shoreditch to catch up with some old Sydneysiders turned trendy Londoners-  Thien, Daniel, Anne and Wendel. It was really great to see them all doing well in their new base! Listening to their experience, London really appears to be a thriving place for people our age. Dinner was at this really cool urban pop up mall set in a container box (in the middle of the city). It’s such a shame we didn’t have additional time to explore more of the places London’s social scene had to offer! It’ll be nice to be back in a few months, albeit the fact that it’ll be cold(er) by the time I return. Btw, it is abolute bullocks that London on a summers day feels colder than Sydney in winter!!

An unexpected highlight for me was Pret a Manger! You may as well call this chain of sandwich shops the patron saint for travellers in need of free wifi. And the sandwiches weren’t bad either.

And I can’t write an entry about London without mentioning the Tube – despite its  flaws (of which I’ve heard of many), blimey, it’s bloody brilliant! It’s the bees knees! {insert more British expressions of high praise}.  London is such a huge city but the cohesiveness and clarity  of its public transport system means you stand a very strong chance of survival in the urban jungle after losing your Google Maps connection.  However, similar to when I declared a beef burger at Tomorrowland “the best burger I’ve ever had in my life” (it sure wasn’t), I may end up having to retract these words at a later stage. Don’t let me down, Mr Tube.

Sending our love from London. Stay gangster. 



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