Madness in Madrid

Hola! It was long overdue, but i was recently able to pay a visit to Spain’s capital, Madrid. It was a pretty full on weekend – thankfully I had gone to Essen the weekend prior to refuel on energy and TLC, courtesy of my German family! Em and I originally booked to go Madrid as … More Madness in Madrid

Elemental Iceland – Part 2 ft Water(falls)

Following on from the previous day where I had crossed a lava field, ventured down inside the pits of a 4000 year old volcano, witnessed an epic sunset and marvelled at huge rainbows beaming over little townships, the expectations for Day 2 in Iceland were pretty high. I had booked in a full day adventure with Extreme … More Elemental Iceland – Part 2 ft Water(falls)


It’s taken me 7 months to finally post something about my trip to Zurich last December and the reason is pretty lame – each time I’d make an attempt, I’d get stuck trying to come up with some witty, smart title for the post. Zest of Zurich? Swiss Roll? The ideas were really going nowhere, … More Zurich 

Home – Sydney

After a whirlwind of a year overseas, I returned to Sydney for no particular reason, but to seek the comforts of home for a short while (10 days).     To be honest, I had concerns that once the initial excitement of seeing family and friends wore off, I’d feel like a fish out of water … More Home – Sydney